Reflexology is a non invasive complimentary health treatment which can be effective in promoting a deep relaxation response in the body. Reducing stress in the body is key to improving overall body & mind health. It is a touch therapy which bases its effectiveness on zone therapy, this is the theory that all organs & systems correspond to external points on the feet, hands, face, legs & ears.

Reflexologists use specific massage techniques to manipulate these points in correspondence with the presenting condition i.e. Migrane headache, to remove blockages in the bodies system, activating the self-healing response in the body & bring the body back into balance.

However reflexology is viewed there is no doubt that a session gives you an uninterrupted period of time for yourself to relax in a safe, calming & supportive environment. Reflexology can be used safely alongside traditional medicine to compliment ongoing treatment for a condition or as a one off therapy for when you need that extra boost or to simply relax & de-stress.

Reflexology can be effective for all people of all ages from new borns to elderly to those receiving end of life care & everyone in-between.

Ultimately reflexology promotes better health & well-being so whatever your reason for seeking a reflexologist you won’t regret it.

My training in reflexology has completely changed the way I see the human body I am now trained in hand & foot reflexology, advanced spinal reflexology, reflexology for pregnancy & pre-conceptual care & facial reflexology.

I currently offer reflexology from my home treatment room.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Otherwise book now!