There are several different types of massage which focus on different parts of the body or healing approach.

Massage can be used to treat emotional and physical health problems. Massage has a positive effect on your whole body, bones, muscles, heart skin, breathing, digestion and mental health.

I am trained in Swedish massage & aromatherapy massage using pre-blended oils.

Swedish massage is the application of pressure to the muscles ranging from gentle to strong depending on your preference & needs. In this type of massage I use a combination of deep circular movements, kneading, long flowing movements towards the heart & tapping movements over your body to release tension & aid relaxation.

Perfect if you are new to massage, have deep knots in your muscle, cellulite or are sensitive to touch.

Aromatherapy massage is the application of long stroking pressure to the muscles to release tension in the body, it is ideal if you are looking for a more emotional healing outcome to your treatment as this type of massage can boost your mood, reduce stress & anxiety, provide relief from depression, relieve pain & muscular tension. I use TempleSpa products in my aromatherapy massages & have a range for you to choose from depending on your needs & required outcome for your treatment. During your massage I also compliment your chosen oil with inhalation via diffusion to further benefit your desired treatment outcome.

I currently offer massage from my home treatment room.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Otherwise book now!