The power is in your hands – Workshop March 27th 2:30pm on zoom.

The power is in your hands is an online workshop I have created to aid with stress relief & coping with the effects of long term stress on the body through the application of hand reflexology.

During this workshop you will be working on your own hands under my guidance as a reflexologist, to manipulate reflex points on your palms in order to reduce stress & associated effects.

Did you know that IBS can be a result of long term stress? Were you aware that some studies have indicated prolonged digestive issues have been linked with Parkinson’s disease?

We will be exploring the various ways stress can manifest within ourselves (you don’t need too share, unless you want to) recognising our triggers for stress & how we can better equip ourselves in unavoidable high pressure situations.

The afternoon will last 1 hour & 30 minutes, you will need your favourite hand cream, a comfortable place to zoom without being disrupted too much, a pencil & paper should you wish to make notes & a blanket or warm jumper as we will be finishing with a lovely sound bath.

I’d also recommend a herbal tea, glass of water/squash as its important to stay hydrated following any treatment session.

The session will be kept to a maximum of 10 people & is non-refundable. The price for this workshop is £15 & zoom details will be forwarded onto you following receipt of payment, to book or for further information please contact me via email, phone or text.