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Hello and welcome to Head to Toe Holistic!

Thank you so much for visiting my site, my name is Coco. I hope you find all the information you require for your holistic health and well-being here.

I am passionate about the holistic approach to health and truly believe holistic living, as much as we can, is both beneficial to us as humans, as well as the world we live in.

Head to Toe Holistic has been in the making just over three years. Based in Haverhill, Suffolk my business was formally known as Daisy Yoga but as i started increasing my portfolio, adding Pilates and Massage, I soon knew I had outgrown the name. I took the decision to rename in 2020 after qualifying as a reflexologist.

Love and hugs

Coco x

News & Updates

Prices now updated & new treatments on the horizon

June 12th, 2023

Finally I have made the time to update my price list online, you will notice that classes & treatments are now reflecting what you have been paying for a few months! – Sorry- You will also notice that there are some new additions to the treatment list, combination treatments are now available to book online & I’ve come up with a special package of treatments for new mummies! I am currently working on a new massage treatment which will launch very soon, it’s in the testing phase at present.

It’s super exciting as this will be my very first massage treatment specific to my business an experience you will only find if you come to me!

Updates to follow xxx

Treatment price update

January 28th, 2023

As of February 6th, 2023 you will notice an increase of £3 across ALL treatments Indian head massage is still at the introductory price of £15 until the end of February.

I will be updating the booking system accordingly, please note gift vouchers purchased before this date will be unaffected & will retain the old price value.

Winding the year down.

Somehow we’ve ended up in December again! Its seems the years fly by so fast & we’re always so busy that we blink & find ourselves in January once again!

This time of year while traditionally is fraught with over-doing, over-spending, over-eating & usually resulting overwhelm! It really doesn’t need to be this way & historically this would not ever have been the case. When I was a child it was about being together as much as we could, but if Dad had to work then thats how it was & of course we would miss him until he got home! I looked forward mostly to being off school & spending time with family on Christmas day especially if it was our turn to have Nan stay with us. Don’t get me wrong the gifts (from father Christmas lol) were fab, but it’s actually the time spent together that I remember & cherish the most.

We as humans have pressurised this time of year ourselves, I’m guilty of this myself & recently found myself panicking over what to buy people or that I’ve not found anything decent for Mum, even though she’s already told me I don’t want anything & would rather go for a cup of tea & slice of cake! The adverts for Christmas start earlier every year, the emphasis on presents in the forefront & time spent with loved ones taking a slight backseat is rammed down our throats & then adverts making us feel guilty about what we have or don’t have appear every other minute on TV or radio & lets not go down the social media rabbit hole!

Back to my original point. We’re all extremely busy, pressured & the years disappear so quickly, leaving us all in a continuous state of ‘fight or flight’ which is diabolical for our health, so! How to we combat this? Well why not get involved in a Yoga class, or Pilates class to encourage some rest & relaxation into your life? By taking time out for yourself you are allowing time to process, whether it is something work related, family or friend related, or perhaps just life related which helps bring the important things into perspective & can help you organise your thoughts. Perhaps you could go to a class with a friend? Attending a class with someone you know can feel less daunting & can also be a fun way to spend more time together, I offer vouchers for blocks of classes which you can gift to a loved one which makes a fabulous alternative to a bottle of whatever they drink! Or perhaps they have had a tough year & could do with a relaxing hour totally for themselves? I also offer gift vouchers for treatments, both options have a 6 month expiry time allowing your special person to take real thought over what they would like to have. Or if you know what they would just love they still have 6 months to use it!

But most importantly of all, take time for you this festive season, take a breath & remember this is a time for going inward, to take stock of the year, to hibernate, to drink warm comforting drinks & to slow down take time to be together & being together doesn’t mean you have to spend money.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas with love.

  • Booking System BABY!

    The online booking system is officially up and running!

    Currently I cannot take bookings online for classes, only treatments. Its a wonderfully simple system & I hope you find it easy to use.

    You can still book combination treatments just select the treatments you would like to book, a 50% deposit will then be required the remaining balance can then be paid on the day. There is an option to book as a senior concession. Discounts can still be applied should you be due for example if you hold a loyalty card, these discounts will be applied when you pay the remainder of your treatment on the day.

    To have a nose head on over to the Price list & booking

  • The power is in your hands – Workshop March 27th 2:30pm on zoom.

    The power is in your hands is an online workshop I have created to aid with stress relief & coping with the effects of long term stress on the body through the application of hand reflexology.

    During this workshop you will be working on your own hands under my guidance as a reflexologist, to manipulate reflex points on your palms in order to reduce stress & associated effects.

    Did you know that IBS can be a result of long term stress? Were you aware that some studies have indicated prolonged digestive issues have been linked with Parkinson’s disease?

    We will be exploring the various ways stress can manifest within ourselves (you don’t need too share, unless you want to) recognising our triggers for stress & how we can better equip ourselves in unavoidable high pressure situations.

    The afternoon will last 1 hour & 30 minutes, you will need your favourite hand cream, a comfortable place to zoom without being disrupted too much, a pencil & paper should you wish to make notes & a blanket or warm jumper as we will be finishing with a lovely sound bath.

    I’d also recommend a herbal tea, glass of water/squash as its important to stay hydrated following any treatment session.

    The session will be kept to a maximum of 10 people & is non-refundable. The price for this workshop is £15 & zoom details will be forwarded onto you following receipt of payment, to book or for further information please contact me via email, phone or text.

  • Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy new year 🥳

    Wishing all my gorgeous ladies & gents a lovely Christmas & new year.

    You may not be celebrating how you would usually or how you may have planned, this year certainly seems to have been sent to shake us all up. Personally I feel I’ve learnt more about acceptance & patience, whether that be with myself or others.

    Usually I’d be using this time over Christmas to see family, catch up with friends etc as I’m sure most of you would be too. This year however I’m using the time to simply rest, meditate, & generally go inward. This is helping me to realise how I want to grow in the future, what I want in my life (& what I don’t!) & to understand the things which help me personally to feel at peace.
    This odd festive season I would highly recommend you do the same, meditate on the year past, ask for guidance on what you need to release from this year? What changes can you make going forward with your health? Your lifestyle in general? Do you have a family matter which needs to be resolved? If so ask for guidance on how this could come about? Maybe you need to accept your part in the situation?

    Whatever you want to bring in or release know that you have the power to make your dreams & desires come true🤍

    I’m looking forward to getting back to work as soon as I’m out of tier 4, in the meantime look out for my newsletter which will be coming out in the new year for class updates, other lovely yogary & holistically things to look forward too!

    Not on my mailing list? No problem! Find me on Facebook Head to toe holistic & use the signup link

  • Yin Yoga workshop

    Sunday 25th October, 2020. 10am-1pm. £15

    I will be teaching a workshop on Yin yoga, the session will last 3 hours in The Balanced Space outside Real Bodies gym (used to be the tattoo studio) Spaces are limited, at time of writing I have 3 spaces left. Yin yoga is a very passive form of yoga, all asana (postures) are seated of lying down. There are many benefits to performing yin yoga some of which include reduction in menopausal symptoms, weightloss, reduction in stress & anxiety, improved range of motion. Yin yoga works by accessing the deeper connective tissues in the body, which improves energy flow & flexibility.

    Blocks & props will be provided, please let me know if you will need a yoga mat. Tea (herbal & otherwise) coffee, fancy biscuits & fruit will be provided.

    This workshop is suitable for beginners to yoga, beginners & intermediates to yin yoga, those who would like to know more & those who would like a nice chilled Sunday morning some light movement & meet some lovely people.

  • Covid Limitations

    I’m itching to get back to teaching classes, life is slowly returning to a post covid ‘normal’ and for me that means the doors of village halls are slowly reopening for us to be able to hold classes the traditional way. We have made the best of the technology and the chances are I will still teach virtual zoom classes but as you know I love being surrounded by you, my students, my friends.

    I am so excited to announce that my first class back teaching Pilates is only a few days away on Tuesday 15 September!! I am also working hard with the church hall committee and PureGym to be able to open yoga classes safely and in line with Covid guidelines. It won’t be long my lovelies!

    When we open, we will need to adhere to the Hall policies meaning that some of my classes will run with limited numbers. In order to help booking for all my classes is now mandatory. Classes get booked pretty quickly and I am already fully booked for Pilates! Thank you!! With this in mind please do let me know if you can’t attend a class you are booked onto so that I can offer the space to someone else who might have missed out.

    Once again, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

    Love as always, Coco x